About Befesa Scandust

About Befesa ScanDust

Befesa ScanDust is a recycling company in Landskrona, Sweden, focusing on recycling filter dust from stainless steel production. The advanced recycling process and the company’s strong environmental focus plays an important role in achieving a sustainable steel production in the Nordics.

Since the start in 1984, Befesa ScanDust has recycled over 1.3 million tonnes of dust and more than 600,000 tonnes of metal have been recovered instead of being lost.

Short facts about Befesa ScanDust

  • Owner: Befesa
  • Capacity: 70,000 tonnes filter dust per year
  • Employees: approx. 80
  • Heating: around 55,000 MWh of district heating is delivered from Befesa ScanDust’s process each year, representing approximately 10% of the total district heating production in Landskrona